Who We Are

Established in 2007, Chimera Investment LLC is an Abu Dhabi-based private investment firm managing a diversified portfolio of listed and unlisted equities on both local and regional markets. The firm seeks value-creation opportunities where it can invest proprietary capital and keep in-line with its investment philosophy and key guiding principles.

Chimera Investment is part of Abu Dhabi’s Royal Group, a diversified conglomerate of companies comprising over 60 entities and employing 20,000 employees. The Group is active in a breadth of industries including real estate, construction, fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, hospitality, aviation, healthcare and general investments.

Our Investment Approach

Chimera Investment deploys capital to strategic equities with solid long-term fundamentals and promising growth trajectories. Our Investment strategy is anchored by key guiding principles:


We look for opportunities that are ultimately built on and driven by solid fundamentals, staying above cyclicality and shielding capital from short-term volatility.

Value Creation

Banking on fundamentals and staying committed to the long haul. Our proprietary capital does not seek short term profits or goals nor is it subject to redemption risks and early exits. Our Bottom up investment thesis ultimately analyses value in businesses and trends.


While our primarily targets focus on equity investments and the development and management of commercial assets, Chimera Investment also trades a portfolio of alternatives as a means of diversification and to further hedge against cyclical risks.


Our team is tapped into markets and sectors to leverage their early insights to identify the right and key opportune moments.

Our Board

Chimera Investment is led by a team of highly resourceful and talented directors who bring market depth and decades of investment experience to the table.

Mr. Syed Basar Shueb


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Mr. Syed Basar Shueb


Mr. Syed Basar Shueb serves as Managing Director and Board Member of International Holdings Company (IHC). IHC is one of the region’s foremost holding companies with a global presence extending across the Middle East, Europe and North America. Basar has been integral to the diversification of IHC’s strategic holdings across a growing number of industry sectors, his leadership and vision having been the driving force behind IHC’s continual innovation, operational synergies and cost efficiencies. IHC recently entered the Forbes’ 2020 list of “The Middle East’s Top 100 Companies”.

Basar possesses more than two decades of extensive experience across the Manufacturing, Construction, Financial Services and Investments sectors. He is widely respected for his local knowledge and business acumen, accumulated through running multiple companies across the region.

Having joined the Royal Group as a Computer Engineering graduate in 1998, within 3 years he had risen to become the CEO of PAL Technology. Three years later, at the age of only 28, he was appointed the overall CEO of PAL Group, whose emerging businesses grew rapidly under his mentorship.

In 2006, he founded Pal District Cooling, growing the business to become one of the top players in the UAE. With what are now seven completed plants, the company services some of the largest and most prominent Residential and Office Tower precincts in Abu Dhabi.

Under his immediate direction, PAL established one of the UAE’s largest fish and integrated shrimp farms, covering over 100 hectares. Basar also played a primary role in the development and construction of 5 major housing developments across the nation. His drive for problem-solving and innovation have been fundamental to his success, as exemplified through his development of the Pal Robotics ‘Reem Series’ of Robots, one of the world’s earliest bi-ped humanoid units.

Striving for continuous improvement, whether through his ability to motivate his teams to create cohesive and focused business units, or his decisive leadership skills in anything from high-risk turnarounds to start-up situations, he has demonstrated a consistent ability to create and grow a profitable bottom line.

Basar is a Board Director of a number of leading institutions engaged in financial, commercial and service based activities. In addition to his Board position with IHC, he is a Director of Tamouh, Reem Finance P.J.S.C, as well as The Minton Spring Water Company Limited in the UK, and is a Non-Executive Director of K-TIG in Australia. He is also a Director and Licensed Director for Chimera Investment LLC and Lunate Capital Limited respectively.

He previously served as a Director of AgiLight, Inc in the United States, and as a licensed Director of Macquarie Capital Middle East LLC.

He is a graduate in Computer Engineering from the Near East University, Nicosia, TRNC.

The firm also employs a team of dedicated personnel to oversee day-to-day activities including functions such as operations, finance and administrative services.